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Blockchain Innovation within the Insurance Industry

Understand the fundamentals of the technology and the opportunities that exist across insurance categories.


Discover how blockchain is being used by insurance companies to improve processes and transform business models.

What's inside


Build your understanding of blockchain fundamentals

To see how blockchain can help your company, you need to know how this revolutionary technology works.

This report explains the digital ledger, tokens, addresses, smart contracts and a trustless exchange of value, as well as the difference between public and private blockchains, so you have a solid understanding of the most important elements.


See how blockchain can be utilized across categories

From fraud detection to reinsurance and everything in between, blockchain can be utilized across all categories of insurance to make existing processes more efficient and to transform business models.

In addition, you’ll see how property & casualty insurance, health, life, travel, as well as the emerging world of digital asset insurance, are using blockchain to innovate.


Take inspiration from existing blockchain insurance solutions

Insurance was one of the first major industries to embrace the promise of blockchain, resulting in a range of pilots, proofs of concept and products having been developed across categories in recent years.

In this report, we highlight some of the most noteworthy, from large, globally-recognized insurers, to small, specialist providers and even crypto-native blockchain startups.

We have already seen that the insurance industry is ready, willing and able to embrace blockchain. Now is the time to step on the gas and fire the engines of innovation and growth that it makes possible.

Insurers that are already on the path of digitalization should embrace blockchain by partnering with suppliers who are experienced in helping enterprises to use this transformational technology.

By providing a low code, blockchain-as-a-platform solution, Settlemint lets you design and deploy blockchain insurance applications quickly, easily and in a manner that integrates with your existing systems.

SettleMint-Founder Matthew Van Niekerk
Matthew Van Niekerk
Co-founder & CEO, SettleMint

Let’s talk about your ideas for an insurance blockchain application in your business! Drop a message to matthew@settlemint.com or book a meeting for a chat.