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We make Blockchain Transformation easy

Connecting the dots between people, processes and tech, accelerating value creation with blockchain.

Meet the founders


Roderik van der Veer

Founder & CTO

Matthew Van Niekerk

Founder & CEO


Founded in Leuven, Belgium


Team members worldwide


Enterprise blockchain implementations

SettleMint is the Blockchain
Transformation company

Blockchain Transformation connects people, processes and technology to accelerate value creation with blockchain. It is not just about new technology but also about helping people to understand and use the technology, as well as putting the processes in place that empower them to create value with it.

SettleMint enables enterprises to easily and rapidly build and integrate blockchain applications, while empowering teams with the skills, knowledge, methodologies, guidance and ongoing support they need. 

Our Blockchain Transformation Platform is a complete technology that enables IT teams to build and integrate enterprise-grade blockchain applications incredibly fast. It radically simplifies blockchain development by offering full-stack capabilities and advanced integrations that are fit for all use cases, making every developer a blockchain developer. 


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We strongly believe that blockchain is the technology that will change our society, revolutionize our global economy and disrupt our industry

SettleMint founder Matthew Van Niekerk
Matthew Van Niekerk
Co-founder & CEO, SettleMint

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