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Learn the ins and outs of successful blockchain implementations.

Download: NFTs For Brands

NFTs for Brands

Understand what NFTs are, discover why they matter and take inspiration from the global brands who have been the earliest adopters of this technology.

Download: Opportunities for blockchain in capital markets

Opportunities for Blockchain in Capital Markets

How blockchain is transforming capital markets and where your organisation can gain competitive advantage.

Co-authored by Fujitsu


Why Enterprise Blockchain Implementations Fail

Discover how to avoid the most common and costly mistakes in enterprise blockchain implementations.


Blockchain Innovation Within the Insurance Industry

Discover how blockchain is being used by insurance companies to improve processes and transform business models.

Download: Blockchain a tool for enhancing transparency in government

Blockchain: a Tool for Enhancing Trust and Transparency in Government

Learn how government is using blockchain to improve vital services, and blockchain’s integral role in the future.

Co-authored by Fujitsu 

Download: Enterprise blockchain for a sustainable future

Enterprise Blockchain for a Sustainable Future

Discover how blockchain can help businesses meet their sustainability goals and create a better future for us all.

Co-authored by AWS

Download: Customer goods supply chain: Better on chain?

Consumer Goods Supply Chain: Better on Chain?

Discover how blockchain drives traceability and sustainability in FMCG supply chains, and  get strategic insights from use cases.

Download: Corda: the Blockchain that Doesn't Use Blockchain

Corda: the Blockchain that Doesn't Use Blockchain

Learn how Corda’s solution delivers the right balance of decentralization, privacy, and speed for a wide variety of enterprise blockchain use cases.

Download: Blockchain and the post-pandemic reality

Blockchain and the Post-Pandemic Reality

Discover how blockchain can bolster the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector in the post COVID-19 world.