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Use SettleMint’s

AI Genie to Accelerate Your Smart Contract Development

Access the AI Genie directly within SettleMint’s Smart Contract Builder

Leverage automated code suggestions and completion capabilities

Get to production faster with automated debugging

How to Use SettleMint’s AI Genie for Smart Contract Development


SettleMint's Smart Contract IDE has integrated a GPT plugin from OpenAI that enables fast smart contract development. By providing automated code suggestions, smart contract templates, and code completion capabilities, generative AI technology empowers developers to be efficient and effective. Reduced manual effort and improved code efficiency speeds up the development process, so developers can focus on what's most important.

For example, a prompt as simple as “Write a Solidity ERC20 token representing a bond, based on OpenZeppelin. Include a bond repayment and coupon payments.” can return a near complete, working smart contract that matches your requirements.

Developers of all skill levels can benefit from the features offered by the GPT plugin. By leveraging the plugin's explanations, beginners can gather best practice insights, learn how to code and understand complex concepts. In addition, the automated debugging features allow experienced developers to identify and resolve issues faster, making smart contracts more reliable and error-free.


How to access SettleMint’s AI Genie tool within your smart contract IDE

You can find the plugin on the sidebar of your IDE, in the context menu and the action panel. The first time you use the plugin you will get asked for an OpenAI API key. Depending on your OpenAI API access, you can use the default GPT 3.5 model or the GPT 4 model.