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Asset Tokenization Made Easy with SettleMint

Map new or existing assets onto blockchain tokens

Improve asset security and transparency for all stakeholders

Fractionalize assets for greater liquidity and accessibility

How to Use SettleMint for Asset Tokenization

The SettleMint platform makes it easy to tokenize physical or digital assets, allowing users to securely manage, transfer and trade them within their blockchain application. In this way, SettleMint unleashes the full potential of asset tokenization for businesses across finance, banking, capital markets, insurance, supply chain management and many other sectors. 

Developers can utilize the complementary features of the SettleMint platform to build their full stack, asset tokenization use case.

Asset tokenization involves recording an asset on a blockchain network, so it is represented as a token that can be traded. By tokenizing an asset, businesses can not only divide their assets into smaller fractions that are more accessible to more stakeholders but also turn an asset that was hard to transfer into a highly liquid and tradable one. 

In addition, the ownership of assets and the transfer of these assets is easier to record and track because of the inherent transparency that blockchain provides. For businesses and developers interested in getting started with their asset tokenization use cases, there is no better place than the low code, high performance and full stack platform that SettleMint provides.


All the asset tokenization features you need in a single platform

Using HyperLedger Besu, in the use case above, we deployed several of the SettleMint BPaaS features to demonstrate how to build asset tokenization use cases easily and swiftly.

  • IPFS was used to store JSON files
  • Hasura was used for off-chain data storage and querying
  • The Integration Studio was used to create APIs for the front end application
  • Insights was used to enable users to track assets on chain

Everything has been created with SettleMint’s tools, demonstrating how the SettleMint BPaaS can be used as a comprehensive asset tokenization and management solution. 

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