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Metaverse Banking: An Open Discussion about Opportunities and Challenges

Blockchain's potential to enable banking and financial services in the Metaverse.



In this webinar, we covered:

  • What are the opportunities for banks in a Metaverse future?
  • What are the highest potential use cases/products for banks in the Metaverse?
  • How blockchain enables the transactional interoperability that is critical in Metaverse financial transactions?
  • How far are we from Metaverse banking and what regulatory challenges need to be overcome?

Scroll down to find out more about the panelists. 

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Meet the panel of experts


Alan Hewitt

Managing Director of AMH Consulting
As the Emerging Public Sector Vertical Sales Manager at Cisco Systems, Alan helped customers understand the value "gained from Cisco Technologies and services".
He helped the customer apply Cisco Communication and IT technologies to their business, operations, and technology challenges. This involved driving best practice, process evolution and operational transformation within transportation, oil and gas, defence, national security, critical national infrastructure and global business.
Alan now specializes in emerging technologies and Metaverse as managing director of AMH Consulting.

Jorge Sebastião

CBO Simba Storage | Co-Founder of Global Blockchain Organization & EcoX
A seasoned CEO, CTO, CISO, advisor and international speaker with experience in blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, asset tokenization, cyber security, AI, IoT, 5G, digital twin (Metaverse) cloud, disaster recovery, big data and managed services.
Jorge is a professional advisor in several innovative start-ups using disruptive technologies with a focus on generating business value and enabling sustainability, scalability and impact. He also created the powerful framework A6 of security: Assess, Assess, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility.

Danish Jamal Khan

Banker and Doctoral research student at ISM, Paris
Danish is a banking professional with over 15 years of diversified experience across different geographies and banking domains.
He holds an MBA degree and is currently enrolled in a Doctorate program in Business Administration at ISM, Paris. He also has several professional certifications and executive certificates, including one from Harvard Business School on ‘Disruptive Strategy’.
Danish is a passionate learner and an impact-driven professional who believes in adding value to his workplace and a larger community. He possesses strong strategic acumen and has an innate ability to foresee disruptions and business model changes happening across the financial services industry.

Muthoni Mutonyi

Head of IT Innovation and Research at Equity Bank
Muthoni Mutonyi is an innovation enthusiast with over 14 years of banking experience and 5 years in manufacturing. She has held diverse roles in both industries, spanning IT, trade operations and finance, as well as roles in product management and branch expansion.
Muthoni has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Daystar University and an MBA from the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business. Additionally, she is certified in Digital Business Transformation and is a Certified Digital Leader – both certified by CXO Transform. She has also studied Disruptive Strategy at Harvard Business School under the tutelage of renowned Prof. Clayton Christensen.
Over time, Muthoni realized that the best innovators and business leaders can attribute much of their success to having the right mindset to foster innovation. Thus, she shares her findings on her YouTube Channel.

Khaled Nuseibeh

Transformation Manager at Burgan Bank and Blockchain Enthusiast
A blockchain enthusiast with three years of experience in Correspondent Banking, along with two years of experience in Project Management.
Khaled is currently Lead Relationship Officer for Burgan Banks Financial Institution Department. He first entered the blockchain space in 2017, when he built a mining operation. Since then, he has been an active investor and contributor in the field and obtained his expert-level certification for blockchain in 2021.  
Khaled also provides consultation for potential investors or individuals and entities looking to find real-world use cases for blockchain projects. It is his belief that the future of finance, supply chain and any form of data transfer or storage will rely heavily on blockchain technology.

Matthew Van Niekerk

CEO & Co-Founder at SettleMint
Matthew was the moderator for this panel. 
He previously held roles as Strategy Consultant, Chief Operating Officer (Consumer Finance) and finally Head of Platform Innovation for KBC Securities.
Matthew believes in the benefits that blockchain technology will bring to organizations and to society, which is why he wants to accelerate the adoption of the technology and simplify the blockchain journey for enterprises.

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