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Consumer goods supply chain:
Better on chain?

Learn from industry experts as they discuss how blockchain transforms the consumer goods supply chain.


Discover how a consumer goods supply chain that is based on blockchain works, what the challenges are and how organizations can meet them.

The topics covered in this webinar include:

  • An introduction to consumer goods supply chains
  • The industry experts' views on the topic
  • A live demo of a blockchain-based pilot at AB InBev
  • Questions and answers with the participants

Scroll down to find out more about the panelists. 


Consumer goods supply chain: Better on chain?

Consumer goods supply chain_minibook

Meet the panel of experts


Alain Brouhard

Former Regional CEO & Group CIO at Coca-Cola HBC | Non-Executive Director at SettleMint, Visium & Tribal | CEO of ABConvergence

Alain is an experienced C-suite Executive with over 30 years of international experience and a significant track record in people leadership, business turnaround and digital transformation at Procter & Gamble, Adidas and Coca-Cola.


Jacqueline Hochreiter

Sustainability Lead at AB InBev

Jacqueline has experience in corporate affairs, supply-chain sustainability, sales, key accounts, business development and route-to-market.

She is passionate about building a better world through organisations and partners that dream big and show leadership in long-term value creation.


Luana Marrocco

Blockchain Solution Architect at SettleMint

Luana was the moderator for this panel.

She obtained her master's degree in computer science at the ULB in Brussels and then decided to join the SettleMint team.

Here, she helps customers find the best possible blockchain-based solution for their specific use case and to accelerate their business.


Matthew Van Niekerk

CEO and Co-Founder at SettleMint

Matthew previously held roles as Strategy Consultant, Chief Operating Officer (Consumer Finance) and finally Head of Platform Innovation for KBC Securities.

Matthew believes in the benefits that blockchain technology brings to organisations and to society, which is why he wants to accelerate the adoption of the technology and simplify the blockchain journey for enterprises.

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