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Build and integrate enterprise-grade blockchain applications incredibly fast

Launch into full production within weeks, not months


Radically simplified blockchain development

SettleMint's Blockchain Transformation Platform is revolutionizing the way enterprises create blockchain applications. By providing comprehensive blockchain tools and a suite of templates, the platform makes it easy for developers to build blockchain applications quickly and efficiently. With its extensive range of features, the platform enables users to securely manage distributed transaction networks, develop smart contracts and quickly deploy blockchain applications. With SettleMint, you have the ability to create, deploy and maintain blockchain applications with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Multi-chain & multi-cloud
Smart contract templates
Integrated development environment
Integration tools & middleware
Health & performance tools

AI Genie coding assistant 


Choose the blockchain protocol for your needs. Create a permissioned network or join a public one in just a few clicks. Setting up a production-ready network and nodes takes minutes.

Enterprise Ethereum_Besu

Hyperledger Besu

Hyperledge Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric



Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain

Quorum Logo



Deploy in the cloud of your choice. Easily build cross-cloud provider and cross-geographical region networks with the click of a button. On-prem and Bring-Your-Own-Cloud are also supported.


google cloud

Google Cloud

Brussels, Mumbai,
Singapore, Orgeon

AWS - Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore,
Ohio, Bahrain


Microsoft Azure

Amsterdam, Pune, Singapore,
California, Dubai


Smart contracts for any use case

Choose from pre-built smart contract templates to add business logic to your application. Speed up the process of creating smart contracts with our template library and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


  • ERC-721 token
  • ERC-721 trading cards
  • ERC-721 generative art
  • ERC-20 token
  • ERC-20 token crowd sale
  • ERC-20 token meta transactions
  • Supply chain track & trace
  • State machine
  • Supply chain finance
  • And many more...


Add IPFS (Interplanetary File System) nodes to store files and data in an immutable form.

Private keys

Create private keys to sign transactions, and keep your funds and smart contracts secure.

Tools for end-to-end solutions

The integration tools and middleware you need to easily and securely connect on and off chain applications.

Integration Studio

Easily connect your blockchain application to other applications by simply “dragging and dropping” from the library of pre-built integration modules.


Easily build and manage your database with Hasura, a backend-as-a-service solution, which automatically generates GraphQL APIs for your data. 

Graph Middleware

Get instant access to the data stored in your smart contracts on EVM-compatible chains and connect these to your applications using a flexible GraphQL API. Start with battle-tested indexing modules and extend them in the smart contract set IDE.

Monitoring tools

Gain insights into the health and performance of all the services you are running with our intuitive dashboards, service alerts, resource usage metrics and logs.


SOC2 II badge-1

Leading security for enterprise blockchain

SOC 2 Type II Compliance is a rigorous security standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It is a widely acknowledged benchmark for trust and security across the industry that all companies should aim to comply with.

SettleMint’s compliance with SOC 2 Type II standards validates our commitment to upholding the highest standards of security, availability, and confidentiality in our management of blockchain services and the protection of customers' data.

SettleMint was basically like Lego for us.

It allowed us to quickly implement blockchain technology in the Vinçotte meat tracing app for Carrefour in one weekend and a couple of days testing. Efficient and safe, just like Vinçotte.

Jonas van Hove
Jonas van Hove
Innovation manager at Vinçotte

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