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Launch blockchain applications with high availability, anytime, anywhere

The same blockchain application development experience, wherever you need to deploy


Deploy your blockchain application wherever you want

Build, integrate, and deploy any blockchain application easily in the infrastructure of your choice::

  • In SettleMint managed cloud hosting
  • In your self-managed air-gapped and multi-cluster environments
  • In your self-managed multi-cloud and multi-region environments

The advantages of deploying your blockchain application in your self-managed environment









The ability to deploy blockchain applications in existing infrastructures and databases is especially helpful for use cases in financial services, the public sector, and highly regulated industries, where sensitive data is being stored and security is paramount.

SettleMint managed cloud hosting

AWS - Amazon Web Services
google cloud

One option is to use SettleMint’s built-in managed cloud solutions, which enable you to: 

  • Choose a managed cloud solution from AWS, Azure or Google.
  • Choose the location of your cloud servers to manage latency and enable decentralization across your blockchain application.
  • Save time and costs by building and maintain your own hosting infrastructure.

Empowered self-managed

Deploy SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform in your self-managed environment, which enables:

  • Flexible and autonomous management for hybrid set-ups
  • Scalable deployments across multiple environments and clusters
  • Load-balanced deployments with high availability and disaster recovery
  • Multi-organisation management and enhanced access control
  • Modular consortium configurations
  • One dashboard to manage and gain visibility on all deployments 

Deploy any blockchain application across your existing cloud environments:

  • Host your blockchain application across your existing cloud subscriptions like AWS, Google, Azure, IBM Cloud, and more.

  • Deploy your blockchain application seamlessly across multiple cloud environments and regions to ensure high data availability and transaction throughput.
  • Take full control of configuring and managing your own cloud environments by defining the RAM, CPU, and storage you need for your blockchain application.

  • Set the firewall and security rules in your cloud environments to meet your compliance requirements.

Launch SettleMint’s full-stack Blockchain Transformation Platform inside any of your air-gapped and multi-cluster environments:

  • Run SettleMint BTP on your own air-gapped storage repository for data protection, enhanced security behind enterprise-configured firewalls, and to meet compliance standards.

  • Build and deploy your blockchain applications in any of your existing infrastructures and databases on Kubernetes and Openshift.

  • Seamlessly deploy across multiple environments and clusters to create highly distributed and resilient blockchain applications that are perfect for hybrid setups.

  • Manage all your deployments across different environments and clusters with one dashboard to enhance governance, roles-based permissioning, and robust access control.

  • Load balance your nodes across multiple environments to manage high volumes of transactions and scale your blockchain application effortlessly.

  • Have full ownership of your hardware set-up and manage the performance of your blockchain applications with complete autonomy to configure the CPU, RAM, and storage settings to fit your needs.

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