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GraphQL Middleware

Index Smart Contract Data Easily

Save time and effort by using pre-configured indexing modules and fully customizable subgraphs

What is the Graph Middleware?

GraphQL Middleware is the low code solution within SettleMint for deploying subgraphs and exposing them in a developer-friendly way, so you can easily query and index smart contract data within your blockchain application.


Subgraphs are APIs that query blockchains for data and then sort it into a useful format. The Graph Protocol is used for indexing and querying data from EVM-compatible chains, and you can use it to create subgraphs that define what data should be indexed.

The GraphQL Middleware makes this process quick and efficient, by letting you access pre-configured subgraph indexing modules or build customized modules for your smart contract set.


Pre-configured indexing modules


Fully customizable subgraphs


Data availability ensured


Multi-chain interoperability

Pre-configured indexing modules

Reduce the time spent configuring subgraphs by leveraging pre-configured indexing modules from OpenZeppelin and SettleMint.

Fully customizable subgraphs

When deploying a unique new smart contract, customize subgraphs to retrieve data in the format required.

Data availability ensured

Provide a great user experience by using front-end data queries connected via GraphQL APIs to the backend.

Multi-chain interoperability

Access, index and query data stored across a range of EVM-compatible blockchains to make applications truly multi-chain for users.

Why querying and indexing smart contract data can be hard for developers

Every blockchain application needs to pull data from a blockchain and present it in a way that users can understand and make use of. 

Developers can query the blockchain directly but a query can take a long time to complete. They can also create centralized databases to query and store their application's data but this may not be desirable if decentralization is a key requirement.

The best way to query and index smart contract data is by using The Graph to create a subgraph. However, this requires specific skills and experience to create or customize the subgraphs and to incorporate them into an application.

  • All applications need to pull data from the blockchain
  • Querying data directly is time-consuming and inefficient
  • Using subgraphs is best but requires specific skills
  • Business logic must be turned into smart contract code

How SettleMint’s Graph Middleware makes querying and indexing smart contract data simple


For developers who want to query and index smart contract data in a blockchain application, SettleMint’s Graph Middleware is the best way to do this quickly, easily and without specialist help. 

It takes the hassle out of deploying and managing subgraphs on The Graph by automating the repetitive, manual steps in the process, allowing subgraphs to be customized for specific needs.

Use pre-configured indexing modules and fully customizable subgraphs to index and query smart contract data across a range of EVM-compatible blockchains, freeing up time to build multi-chain applications that users will love!

Access pre-configured indexing modules
Customize subgraphs to your needs
Utilize data from across EVM blockchains
No need for centralized storage

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