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Integration Studio

Connect To Legacy Enterprise Systems

Integrate existing legacy databases and ERP systems with blockchain applications for efficient and united workflows

What is the Integration Studio?

The Integration Studio is SettleMint’s solution for developers who want to connect and modify any existing enterprise data or systems that are needed in their blockchain applications.


It is a low-code programming tool that is designed for event-driven application development and includes a visual programming environment with over 4000 fully configurable, pre-built connectors

Developers can use a drag and drop interface to create flows of nodes or event-triggered actions that represent the intended business logic of an application, including the interactions between on-chain smart contracts, off-chain databases and ERP systems.


Seamless integration capabilities


Low-code functionality


Javascript foundation

Seamless integration capabilities

Directly connect your blockchain application with ERP systems, such as SAP, existing infrastructure systems, like core banking and cash management software, or other systems, applications and devices. 

Low-code functionality

An open-source tool powered by Node-RED that enables user-friendly visual programming.

Use the drag and drop GUI to visualize the connections and events needed for an end-to-end blockchain application.

Javascript foundation

Integration Studio is powered by Node-RED, which is built on Javascript, giving developers the chance to leverage Javascript’s vast ecosystem of libraries, frameworks and developer tools.

Why connecting to existing enterprise systems can be hard

For most enterprises, connecting existing data in ERP systems so smart contracts can reference them is a crucial part of ensuring their blockchain application achieves the goals of the business use case.

However, retrieving and manipulating this data can be a time-consuming and difficult process because there are very few tools for connecting ERP systems to blockchains. As a result, developers will create intermediary databases with their own APIs to index data from their ERP systems for smart contracts to reference. 

They may also use a dedicated blockchain solution for enterprise systems but these do not necessarily connect with the rest of the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Connecting applications to ERP systems can be crucial
  • Few tools mean integration is not easy for developers
  • Need to build intermediary databases and APIs
  • Dedicated solutions limit interoperability

How SettleMint’s Integration Studio makes it easy for developers to connect to existing systems


With over 4000 fully configurable, pre-built connectors, SettleMint’s Integration Studio offers easy interoperability with various ERP systems, such as SAP, and the ability to manipulate data into any format required.

The drag and drop GUI includes event-triggered actions that can be used to represent their business logic while interacting with smart contracts and off-chain databases. In this way, the Integration Studio enables developers to unleash real business value from any blockchain application by bridging and integrating on-chain and off-chain systems.

4000 fully configurable, pre-built connectors
Interoperable with various ERP systems
Manipulate data into the required format
Access to a drag and drop GUI
Event-triggered actions to represent business logic
Interaction with smart contracts and off-chain data

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