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level partner
- Northern Europe
- Southern Europe
- Eastern Europe
- Western Europe
- Blockchain Development
- Solution architecture
- Data (IOT, AI, ...)
- Multimedia (AR/VR, Music, 3D, ...)
- Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech
- Logistics & transportation
- Manufacturing
- Retail & consumer goods

About Block0

Launched in December 2017, Block0 is an IT company dedicated to blockchains and decentralized technologies. We conduct in-house research to improve supply chain traceability and transparency, and especially the communication of this traceability to consumers, in order to improve the reputation of companies promoting their green, sustainability, and ethical policies.

We partner with our clients, from project inception to delivery, to help them realize their decentralized product vision. We can handle the entire product development, alone or in collaboration with other teams. We can also limit our intervention to cutting-edge components that implement decentralized technologies. In both cases, we ensure the highest standards in terms of security, confidentiality, and agility.

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