• Easily migrate Ethereum apps with EVM compatibility
  • Fully customizable: including gas fees & permissioned nodes
  • Optimise transaction speed & cut costs with Polygon's Scalability

If you want to launch an application specific blockchain network that is EVM-compatible and customizable to your needs, launching Polygon Supernets with SettleMint is your best option. SettleMint supports Polygon Supernets as part of our blockchain application development platform, which means you can quickly and easily set up Polygon Supernets as the foundational base for any blockchain application you want to develop.

What are Polygon Supernets? 

Polygon Supernets are a blockchain network that is powered by Polygon Edge and can be built using the Polygon Edge framework.

Once it is built and deployed, Polygon Supernets are a network of customized nodes that power an application-specific environment.

In this way, Polygon Supernets combine the benefits of Ethereum, Polygon and the Polygon Edge framework with the customizability that most organizations need to control and manage their specific blockchain applications. 


SettleMint Polygon Supernets v2


EVM compatible

Take advantage of established Ethereum standards, migrate existing Ethereum applications and interoperate seamlessly with other EVM-compatible blockchains.


Develop your Polygon Supernets to your blockchain application’s needs, including permissioned node infrastructure and customized fee structures.


Benefit from Polygon’s scalability solution to increase transaction speeds and reduce costs, when compared to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Why launch Polygon Supernets with SettleMint?

The customizable, permissioned and EVM-compatible network that is enabled by Polygon Supernets can form the foundation of your blockchain application. 

However, this is the starting point, the first layer of the blockchain application and SettleMint is the best way to develop complete end-to-end applications quickly, easily and in a way that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems.

Polygon Supernets in SettleMint

Launch easily within the dApp development workflow 

The SettleMint platform allows you to deploy full validator and RPC nodes enabling you to launch your Polygon Supernets in a few clicks as part of our full-stack blockchain application development process.

Take full control of your Supernets' tokenomics design 

When deploying your Supernets with SettleMint, you can set the optimal gas price, gas limit and block time for on-chain transactions, so you are in full control of architecting your Supernets application.

Access a suite of blockchain development tools

On top of Polygon Edge Node Management, you’ll have access to one unified IDE for smart contract development, middleware for data indexing and querying, plus much more in a single platform.

Integrate with your existing IT systems

SettleMint is specifically designed to enable you to easily integrate any component of your blockchain application, including Polygon Supernets, with your existing on-chain and off-chain IT systems.

How to deploy Polygon Supernets with SettleMint?

If you want to deploy Polygon Supernets with SettleMint, it will take just a few clicks. 

SettleMint’s platform moves users through all the steps in the blockchain application development process, starting with your node and network setup. It is at this stage that you can choose to deploy and launch Polygon Supernets, before moving on to the smart contracts, storage, middleware and integrations that make up your full blockchain application.

Supernets was introduced by Polygon in April 2022 and has grown in popularity ever since.

To find out more, read the official Polygon documentation about Supernets.

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