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Smart Contract Builder

Develop Smart Contracts Faster

Leverage generative AI and pre-configured templates to speed up smart contract development

What is the Smart Contract builder?

The Smart Contract Builder is SettleMint’s solution for developing the smart contracts a blockchain application relies on in the most simple and efficient way. 

SettleMint smart contract builder

Smart contracts are programs that run on a blockchain. They contain business logic that makes them self-execute when certain conditions are met and they are a foundational building block of all blockchain applications.

SettleMint’s Smart Contract Builder makes developing smart contracts easy by providing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and an AI assistance tool alongside pre-configured smart contract templates and support for various ERC standards.


Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


AI Genie Assistant


Pre-configured smart contract templates


Support for multiple ERC standards


Simplified deployment and management

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

A user-friendly interface that enables developers to write, test, deploy and debug smart contracts.

It includes compilation and migration scripts to simplify deployment, with syntax highlighting, code completion and debugging capabilities that assist developers.

AI Genie Assistant

An engineering assistant that helps beginners to learn and experienced developers to ensure reliability.

It provides automated code suggestions, as well as code completion, interactive debugging and QA testing capabilities.

Pre-configured smart contract templates

Templates covering a range of industry use cases that accelerate smart contract development.

These battle-tested templates can be used to kick-start development, providing a foundation for developers to create their own custom smart contracts.

Support for multiple ERC standards

ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-3643 and other ERC-compliant smart contracts can be created.

These common standards define interfaces and functionality for tokens and contracts to ensure interoperability with existing network infrastructure.


Simplified deployment and management

A range of tools to help compile, deploy and monitor smart contracts on various blockchain networks.

This functionality enables easy deployment and efficient management of your blockchain applications.

Why smart contract development can be slow and difficult

Smart contract development is difficult because of the complexity of blockchain technology, the challenge of translating business logic into code, the lack of standardization, the need to ensure security, and the requirement for extensive testing and error checking.

It involves understanding how to use tools like Hardhat, Truffle, Remix, and Ganache, which may be unfamiliar or even not allowed by the security teams within enterprise companies.

For those developers who are able to get started, they will need to read a lot of documentation to understand how to build and deploy smart contracts, including how to connect their workflow with all the different tools required for successful blockchain development.

  • Business logic must be turned into smart contract code
  • Building smart contracts needs multiple different tools
  • Iterations and QA testing require a security-first approach
  • Upgrades and compatibility monitoring are time-consuming

How SettleMint’s Smart Contract Builder makes smart contract development quick and easy


The Smart Contract Builder helps any developer to build production-ready smart contracts. 

It is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of creating and deploying smart contracts, making it accessible to experienced developers and beginners. An important feature is the AI Genie, which provides automated code suggestions, as well as code completion, interactive debugging and QA testing capabilities. 

It also has automated testing and debugging features, which help developers to identify and rectify errors, ensuring the reliability and security of smart contracts. In order to reduce maintenance challenges for developers, the Smart Contract Builder is also actively maintained and updated to address version upgrades and compatibility issues.

In these ways, the Smart Contract Builder enables developers to save significant time and effort when building robust blockchain applications for their specific industry use case.

A single environment for efficient development
An AI Genie to help beginner and experienced engineers
Pre-configured templates and modular components
Automated testing and debugging capabilities
Seamless integration with existing tools and frameworks
Continuous updates and compatibility management

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