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Industry Report

The State of Blockchain Transformation in Supply Chain

Navigating ESG challenges: The transformative power of blockchain in supply chains.

Gain insights from +200 supply chain industry leaders: Winning strategies with blockchain.


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Inside the report


Gain a Competitive Edge with Blockchain in Supply Chains

Perception vs. Leadership Recognition: Learn why 86% of respondents view blockchain as a key competitive lever, yet only 49% report that their leadership fully appreciates its transformative potential.


Understand the Core Benefits
of Blockchain

Security, Scalability, and Transparency: Discover blockchain's fundamental advantages and its promising role in ESG reporting, data sharing, interoperability, and streamlining payments.


Explore Blockchain Adoption
and Success Rates

From Trial to Implementation: Uncover the journey of blockchain adoption where 78% have experimented with it, 71% have moved projects from R&D to production, but only 38% have achieved full success.


Identify Challenges in
Blockchain Integration

Legacy System Integration and Beyond: Understand the primary challenges faced by current users, including the integration with existing systems, finding the right tools, and addressing scalability issues.


Overcome Barriers for New Blockchain Adopters

Budgetary and Resource Constraints: Learn about the hurdles for those new to blockchain, such as budget limits, lack of development resources, understanding of use cases, and concerns about security and compliance.

Blockchain technology is making strides in transforming supply chain, as evidenced by our recent survey of 200 IT and digital leaders.

This survey delves into the current state of blockchain integration in supply chains, uncovering how far leaders have progressed in their blockchain journeys, the innovative use cases they are exploring, and the challenges they face.

The findings provide a glimpse into the evolving landscape of blockchain in supply chain management, offering valuable insights for those looking to navigate this dynamic field.” 

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Matthew Van Niekerk
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