• Reduced costs for running a digital marketing campaign
  • Winners use blockchain without even knowing
  • Dynamic NFTs create unforgettable IRL and digital experiences

Settlemint's low-code platform enabled the rapid deployment of our 1st NFT technology launch, creating innovative consumer engagement in a matter of weeks.


Milan Topolic

Technology Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola HBC


Coca-Cola HBC utilize NFTs to run a sweepstakes for consumers to win a chance for an unforgettable VIP concert experience


Consumers want unique experiences

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company created an online sweepstakes where followers of the Amita Motion’s social media page could vie for a chance to win free VIP tickets to a concert. Winners were chosen at random and received an NFT, which was their VIP ticket to the concert, through a Web3Auth MPC wallet on Polygon so none of them needed any prior experience with blockchain tools. Most of them did not even know they were using blockchain!

The experience was especially unique because each winner received one of four NFT images that corresponded to an emotion. Based on the emotion, the NFT transformed during the concert into a video. These dynamic NFTs were all encoded in smart contracts that were on-chain, making them immutable digital mementos for all of the winners.


Everything you need in one solution

Running marketing campaigns as complex as this one can often become technically complex with the need to integrate multiple disparate solutions in the hopes they all come together when in production. What was unique about this campaign was that all of the technical infrastructure was handled through the tools available in the SettleMint platform, with the addition of Web3Auth for MPC wallet creation. 

  • IPFS was used to store the images of the NFTs
  • Hasura was used in the backend of the web application
  • The Graph Middleware was used to index NFTs
  • Private key management was also used in the platform

Everything was created with platform tools, making SettleMint the ultimate NFT management suite. The solution can now be white labeled for anyone.



Coca-Cola HBC provided an unforgettable concert experience, using dynamic NFTs, all built on top of the SettleMint platform without anyone needing to know they were using blockchain technology.

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