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NFT Minting & Management
Made Easy with SettleMint

Mint an NFT as an image or a video in seconds

Use NFT claiming codes for your customer campaigns

Airdrop NFTs to users even if they don’t have their own wallets

How to Use SettleMint to
Mint and Manage NFTs


SettleMint is the perfect solution for minting, airdropping and managing unique digital assets within any blockchain use case because it simplifies the process of creating and distributing NFTs, including ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, to any target audience.

One example of how NFTs can be used to create unforgettable consumer experiences can be seen in the way Coca-Cola HBC implemented an NFT-enabled VIP concert experience. This solution, which was built using SettleMint, showcases the platform's suitability in helping companies create and manage every aspect of their NFT campaigns.

Administrators on the SettleMint platform have the ability to create and customize NFTs, tailoring options for images, videos and user journey navigation. The platform also enables the generation of NFT claiming codes, which can be incorporated into the front-end of any application, allowing for easy NFT claims or airdropping of NFTs into a user’s wallet.

It is important to balance user experience with application security in any NFT project, which is why SettleMint has integrated Web3Auth to facilitate secure and effortless user login. Users can create and access their Web3 wallet via social media credentials, while QR code scanning further simplifies the process of minting NFTs to user wallets.

All the NFT minting & management features you need in a single platform

SettleMint - NFT minting and management system

The use case above, which utilizes Polygon Mumbai, demonstrates nearly all of SettleMint's features to showcase a comprehensive ERC-1155 NFT minting experience.

The process included the following steps:

  • A Polygon Mumbai node was created to reliably access the blockchain for any required transactions
  • IPFS was used to store JSON files of the NFTs that were being minted on the front-end
  • Hasura was used for the off-chain data storage and querying that the front end application needed
  • The Insights feature was utilized so users could track assets on chain with Otterscan
  • The Smart Contract Builder and IDE were used to create NFTs that are revealed only after a certain time after launch

Everything was created with SettleMint’s tools, demonstrating how the platform can be used as a comprehensive NFT management solution. 

In addition, this solution can now be white-labeled for anyone that wants to incorporate it into their existing systems. 

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  1. Mint NFTs as an Image directly to a users’ wallet address
  2. Mint NFTs as a Video and generate claiming codes for end users
  3. Experience seamless onboarding through Web2 logins such as Google, Apple, Facebook, or Web3 Auth
  4. Understand the complete workflow of minting, transfers, and verification as an admin (NFT issuer) and a user (NFT recipient)