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Discover our Blockchain Transformation Platform and launch NFT collections in no-time!

With NFTs on everyone's radar lately, there is no denying that this groundbreaking application is here to stay. NFTs are a way for brands to create new experiences and engage with their communities as never before. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the potential of NFTs goes far beyond digital art, with revolutionary and disruptive applications of blockchain becoming obvious across industries.

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At SettleMint, we take the complexity out of blockchain, enabling developers to rapidly build and integrate enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

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Understand what NFTs are, discover why they matter and take inspiration from the global brands who have been the earliest adopters of this technology.


So, what’s the solution?

SettleMint has all the tools needed to quickly and easily mint and launch NFTs.

Compatible with any front-end or ecosystem, you can link any NFT store to your newly built blockchain-powered back-end.

We’ve got your back throughout the entire NFT journey, from minting the NFT collection to sharing our best practices and ensuring the success of your NFT collection drop. 

Ready-to-use tools to mint and publish NFTs on any digital NFT store, enabling any developer to:

  • Assemble NFT artwork with metadata generation
  • Deploy preconfigured smart contracts quickly & easily
  • Link the NFTs to the wallet of whitelisted users to mint their presale NFTs
  • Open the presale for whitelisted addresses only
  • List the NFT collection on any NFT marketplace (e.g. OpenSea, SuperRare…)
  • Run the most gas-efficient whitelist sale on the market

Settlemint's low-code platform enabled the rapid deployment of our 1st NFT technology launch, creating innovative consumer engagement in a matter of weeks.

Milan Topolic
Technology Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola HBC

Why choose SettleMint?

A Blockchain Transformation Platform
Unparalleled developer experience
Integrated development environment
Integration tools & middleware
Deep knowledge of NFT best-practices
Health & performance monitoring
Flexible pay-per-use billing model
Smart contract templates




How to get started?

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