• Compatible with EVM-based permissioned & public blockchain networks
  • Utilize Otterscan to capture all insights from public blockchains
  • Use custom explorer via Blockscout for permissioned blockchains

How does SettleMint’s Insights feature work?

Step 9

SettleMint's Insights feature keeps you in the know about all the key on-chain activities taking place in your blockchain application.

It provides comprehensive visibility of all of your transactions, your smart contracts and block production on the network. All of this is available via a simple, easy-to-use interface which allows you to track data across all of your EVM-compatible blockchains.

Also, SettleMint’s Insights feature allows you to use your own, custom block explorer via Blockscout for permissioned blockchains or Otterscan for public networks.


The video demo runs through the following steps: 

  1. Starting up your block explorer in the SettleMint platform
  2. How to open the block explorer
  3. Navigating the block explorer for deployed transactions, smart contracts and block production
  4. Some UI/UX tips on how to use a block explorer 
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