• Speed up development by starting with pre-configured templates
  • Access templates for established use cases, such as NFTs
  • Develop and deploy from a single, unified browser environment

How does SettleMint’s smart contracts feature work?

Step 4

Are you ready to make your smart contract development process much quicker, easier and simpler?

SettleMint makes this possible by offering pre-configured smart contract templates for private and public blockchain networks, which eliminate the need for you to waste time starting from scratch. 

Plus, our Integrated Developer Environment means you can interact with your contracts directly in the browser, with no extra connections to your blockchain nodes required. 

Save time and unlock your inner smart contract wizard!

The video demo runs through the following steps: 

  1. Creating a private key
  2. Navigating the built in IDE
  3. Choosing a smart contract template
  4. Deploying a smart contract
  5. Editing a smart contract
  6. Managing your smart contract sets
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