• Full visibility in the process from farm-to-shop
  • Guaranteed overall food security with track & trace
  • More customer trust in the brand

SettleMint was basically like Lego for us.
It allowed us to quickly implement blockchain technology in the Vinçotte meat tracing app for Carrefour in one weekend and a couple of days testing. Efficient and safe, just like Vinçotte.

— Jonas van Hove, Innovation manager at Vinçotte

Consumer needs are evolving

Today, consumers are more conscious and care about the provenance of the products they buy. There is a growing demand for more transparency in the food chain.

Carrefour is the first retailer in Belgium to give full transparency to consumers in the provenance of Carrefour Quality Line products. Carrefour teamed up with Vinçotte, a Belgian inspection body, and SettleMint to digitise the supply chain using blockchain technology.

Full visibility from Farm-to-shop

In a blockchain-based supply chain management, provenance tracking becomes very easy as the complete journey of a product can be visualized, from its origination to where it is in the present time.

The digital traceability solution relies on a dynamic QR code that is affixed to a product during the packaging process. The consumer simply has to scan the QR code on the product with a smartphone to see the entire life cycle of the product, from the farm to the shop. The app shows the name and location of the farmer, breeding conditions, where it was slaughtered and where the meat was cut and packed.

Carrefour track and trace blockchain

Increased customer trust

Carrefour's pursuit of transparency responds to a real consumer demand for information about where our food comes from. Bringing full visibility in the process from the farm to the shop results in more trust in the brand, and a stronger feeling of engagement. This initiative shows that blockchain technology can contribute to a positive brand experience.

The application also enables stakeholders to react more quickly and even more accurately to potential problems in the supply chain, thus ensuring better overall food security.

Carrefour brings full visibility in the process from farm-to-shop, resulting in more customer trust in the brand and better overall food security.

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