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Lexus uses NFTs as exclusive prizes in brand campaign for latest car launch

Innovative approach engages luxury brand's established customer base and emerging blockchain-native audience
Social login makes the user journey simple for all entrants, while email ID ensures customer data remains secure
SettleMint enables rapid delivery of digital assets, showing how easily they can be used on an ongoing basis

Digital assets incorporated into interactive game demonstrate how blockchain can be integrated easily into ongoing use cases


Exclusive assets designed for brand engagement

With the launch of its All-New RX range, Lexus wanted to demonstrate the vehicle’s technology in a multi-channel campaign that engaged car buyers and highlighted the brand’s unique selling points. To achieve this, the luxury car maker launched ‘Stay-Ahead’, a stylish campaign that featured a modern spy thriller video with a car chase included.

At the end of the sequence, viewers see the briefcase the driver has escaped with but are left wondering what is inside. Enter the ‘Crack The Case’ competition, an interactive game designed to engage potential buyers and have them compete for one of five limited edition NFTs. The artwork for the NFTs was inspired by the Lexus Hoverboard but SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform enabled the NFT technology that brought the contest to life.

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A complete solution for all NFT use cases

SettleMint enabled Lexus to launch its exclusive NFTs in a way that prioritized customer data security while ensuring any participants who weren’t already familiar with blockchain technology could still take part. Not only that, by delivering digital assets in days, SettleMint demonstrated how easily Lexus could integrate blockchain into any business use case on an ongoing basis.

Lexus wanted to launch exclusive NFTs and distribute them to five winners via unique links in their emails. SettleMint enabled this process without any access to customer data and using unique email IDs only. When the winner clicked on the unique link in their email, they were directed to claim their exclusive piece of Lexus memorabilia, an NFT minted on Polygon.

The process was made simple and easy for all the winners, even if they weren’t familiar with blockchain technology, because they could use social logins or a MetaMask wallet to claim their NFT. All of this was enabled by SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform, which made it possible to build an NFT use case in full production in just a few days.


Some of the key technologies used in this project were:

  • Social login & Metamask to make claiming NFTs easy for anyone. 
  • Polygon mainnet was used for NFT minting to ensure low gas fees.
  • Hasura made data integrations in the application’s back-end possible.
  • The Graph ensured smart contract data could be indexed easily.

Lexus provided an interactive NFT experience with a seamless customer journey for all users, enabled by SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform.

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