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Build, Integrate and Deploy any blockchain application easily, in the infrastructure of your choice:

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On-Premises Blockchain Application Development

This booklet covers:
• One solution for any deployment scenario
• Launch any dApp anywhere, only with SettleMint.
• Industry Focus & Relevance

Experience complete interoperability and deploy in your existing infrastructure, whenever you want

Cloud Environment

Deploy any blockchain application in your existing cloud subscriptions.

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Access all of SettleMint’s tools inside your existing infrastructure, including air-gapped environments, no matter the size of the firewall.



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Matthew Van Nierkerk
Co-founder & CEO, SettleMint 


The inability to deploy blockchain applications in existing infrastructures is one of the biggest blockers for blockchain technology to not prosper and reach further adoption for enterprises.


The advantages of deploying your blockchain application on-premises










The ability to deploy blockchain applications in existing infrastructures is especially useful for use cases in financial services, public sector, and large enterprises; in highly regulated industries and/or where sensitive data is being stored and security is paramount.


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Launch any dApp, anywhere
Only with SettleMint

SettleMint is the only high-performance low-code blockchain application development platform to offer a world class full-stack experience in any deployment scenario.

Be the first to experience the world-class blockchain development platform in any of your existing infrastructures.



Why choose SettleMint?

      • The most complete Web3 dApp platform
      • Private & Public blockchain-agnostic
      • Smart contract templates
      • Available on cloud or on-prem
      • Integrated development environment
      • Integration tools & middleware
      • Unparalleled developer experience
      • Flexible pay-per-use billing model